Redwood Sky Walk, Drought Factors & 5-Year-Old Pro Snowboarder Leland the Falcon | Talking NorCal

On this episode of the Talking NorCal podcast, Zach and Bob talk about their recent foodie experiences in the Sacramento area (2:57). Then, they go through the news of the week including the opening of the brand-new Redwood Sky Walk in Eureka, how a new fire started in the empty Big Basin Redwoods, a new pledge for visitors of Lake Tahoe, DWR cancelling their snow survey due to lack of snow and the wildflower super bloom at a nearly-empty Folsom Lake (11:36). Finally, they sit down with Chuck and Leland Vogt to discuss being a professional snowboard at the age of 5, starting Tahoe Longboards and the culture behind the skate and snowboard scene in Northern California (32:51).

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