Reopening of Armstrong Redwoods Further Delayed Following Wildfire Damage

In August 2020, the LNU Lightning Complex Fire spread through the region near Guerneville, California, burning much of the wilderness in the area. One of the most beloved outdoor areas nearby is the ancient redwood trees of the Armstrong Redwoods, which includes 800 acres of coastal redwoods, some of them 1,000-years-old.

The fire burnt part of the Armstrong Redwoods at a “lower intensity” allowing many of the trees to continue to thrive. Although some infrastructure was destroyed, the park didn’t see devastating results like the Big Basin Redwoods, which was closed indefinitely following the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. But the repairs to Armstrong are still being completed, meaning the planned opening date of Memorial Day Weekend has been delayed.

Here is the full statement from Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods:

We found out Thursday morning that, despite all our best efforts, it’s not going to be possible to reopen Armstrong Redwoods SNR by Memorial Day weekend. Contractors have been working in the parks these last few weeks removing hazardous debris. Following this essential work, the California Office of Emergency Services will be the removing the rest of the hazardous trees in both parks. We really hoped this work would have been done by next week, but now it’s apparent that it will not be possible. The number of large trucks and equipment needed to complete this work are staging in park parking lots, making it unsafe for park visitors to be in the park at the same time. It all comes down to ensuring the safety of park visitors and volunteers.

Staff and volunteers have worked really hard to get ready for reopening, and we’re ready as soon as the aforementioned projects are done. Stay tuned.

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