Sacramento Shatters 97-Year-Old Heat Record

Photo by Stephen Leonardi

The city of Sacramento shattered its all-time heat record on Tuesday afternoon when it recorded a temperature of 116 degrees. The previous all-time record was 114 degrees set on July 7, 1925.

The temperature threshold marks the peak of the massive heatwave that has swept across California over the past few days. The entire state is feeling the heat, with Stockton also setting an all-time record of 115 degrees today and Death Valley marking an astonishing 127 degrees over the weekend.

The National Weather Service confirmed the new record on social media:

While the forecast was set for 115 degrees in Sacramento today, the heat actually exceeded the prediction. And while it’s supposed to cool down a bit later this week, it’s still going to be hot as heck. The city is forecast for a 112-degree day on Thursday. Temperatures will once again go down (at least to 89 degrees) by Sunday.

Stay cool out there, NorCal.

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