Salmon Fishing Season is Heating Up on the Sacramento River

As the summer temperatures continue to heat up in Northern California, so are the salmon runs on the Sacramento River. Despite low-water levels and increasing water temperatures, the legendary Chinook salmon are returning from the ocean and local fishermen are catching some BEASTS.

Historically, Chinook Salmon spawned in the upper reaches of Sacramento River tributaries, including the McCloud, Pit, and Little Sacramento Rivers. Shasta and Keswick dams now block access to the historic spawning areas, but through the efforts of Coleman and Livingston fish hatcheries, these beautiful fish still swim the waters of the Sac.

This year has seen a slow start to the salmon season but the big fish are making their way back into the system in a big way. Multiple guides have shown off their chunky catches recently and it shows just how special these fish are.

Here are some of the most impressive salmon caught on the Sacramento River recently:

As we continue to get further into the fall months, these fish are going to swim up the river in hoards. We recommend grabbing a guide and experiencing the tug of these beautiful beasts.

If you want to know what it’s like to catch these beasts on the Sac, check out our trip with Ryan Tripp and Mike Rasmussen:

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