San Francisco Officials Are Searching for a Serial Wild Coyote Feeder

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic lockdown in March 2020, coyotes sightings have been on frequent in areas of San Francisco, not typically known for its wildlife sightings. Officials in the city are trying to remind residents not to feed the coyotes and are specifically looking for “a particularly egregious coyote feeder.”

An image of a woman was captured on Bernal Hill recently with a platter of meat being readied to feed to wild coyotes. Officials from the SF Animal Care & Control released this image of the woman, claiming this isn’t her first offense:

“The same person allegedly feeds coyotes in other locations around the city,” the agency said. “If anyone can identify this person, please call Animal Care & Control at 415-554-9400.”

Coyotes are typically scared of humans but feeding them”creates dangerous situations when animals learn to approach people as they seek an easy handout.” Feeding wild animals is illegal, and anyone caught in the act could face fines of up to $1,000 and/or jail time.

While it’s likely the woman isn’t aware of the laws or damage she is causing, this is an important learning opportunity. Don’t feed wild animals!

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  1. Igonrance of the law is no excuse. Especially with the internet and a tone of info. at your fingertips. I see so many people bragging that they feed wildlife even AFTER being told by me or others that it is illegal and the so many reasons why. They are endangering the wildlife as well as people!

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