Satellite Images Show the Insane Snowfall that Hit the Sierra Nevada in Just 2 Weeks

The month of November in Northern California was looking rather dry until Mother Nature hit in a big way during Thanksgiving week. Now, just a few storms since, the Sierra Nevada mountains are once again looking snowy white.

The National Weather Service released satellite imagery of the mountains and it shows the insane snowfall that has hit over the past month. On November 8th, 2019 (the image has a typo), the area was completely green. On December 8th, it was covered in snow:

Ski resorts have been rejoicing over the past two weeks as snow has fallen at an incredible rate from Lassen all the way down to Mammoth. Tahoe ski resorts have already recorded over 100 inches of snow since the Thanksgiving and are looking at more in the coming week.

While it’s too early to predict whether this winter will see huge precipitation numbers like last year, we’re already off to an unbelievable start.

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