More Rain, Snow Heading for Northern California this Week

It’s been a non-stop onslaught of rain and snow in Northern California since the now famous ‘bomb cyclone’ hit on Thanksgiving week and we’re headed for more this week. Although the upcoming storms won’t have the hype of their more recent counterparts, you’re still likely to see more rain and snow in NorCal this week.

The storm is coming into the area Tuesday night, with rain hitting much of the area beginning at 8 pm:

The mountains will see snow, but probably measured in inches instead of feet and only falling as low as 6,000 feet:

But that’s not the end of it. From Thursday evening through Saturday, more rain and snow is expected:

Yes, it’s a much smaller storm than we’ve been used to in NorCal the past few weeks, but you’ll still be hiding from the precipitation throughout the week. Stay dry, NorCal.

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