See How California DFW Stocks McCloud Falls with Rainbow Trout

McCloud Falls is a popular destination for hikers to see three beautiful waterfalls in just a short hike in Siskiyou County. The popular area is known to bring large crowds during the summer months for people to swim and enjoy the great Northern California outdoors.

If you’re in the area of the waterfalls, you may also see a bunch of fishermen looking to land one of the world-famous trout of the McCloud River. While the area surrounding the waterfalls isn’t as famous as the lower sections of the river for producing rainbow trout, there are plenty of fish in there that are stocked year-round from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

A video circulating the internet shows how officials stock the river surrounding McCloud Falls, using a four-wheeler to haul around a trailer full of hatchery trout. The fish are removed from the trailer with a net and inserted into the river just below Middle McCloud Falls:

I knew the area was stocked with trout, but I’ve never seen the process before. It’s so cool to see the four-wheeler used to drive around the fish and let them go into different parts of the river.

So if you are ever wondering if you should bring your rod on a trip to McCloud Falls, this video just answered your questions. Learn more about the hike to the three tiers of McCloud Falls:

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