See the Strawberry Super Moon Rise Over the Night Sky this Week

Photo by Melanie Magdalena

It’s the perfect time of year to grab a glimpse of the full moon in the great outdoors of Northern California. The Strawberry moon, named by the Algonquin tribes because of the fruit’s harvest season, is known as the last of the spring season and will be seen in the night sky this week!

This super moon, the second of four consecutive in 2022, is expected to rise over the night sky on Tuesday, June 14, with its brightest moment occurring at 7:52 am. This will be the lowest full moon of the year and will also be visible the day before and after its peak (June 13-15).

A super moon occurs when when the moon is within 90% of pedigree, or the closest to earth in its orbit. June’s rendition is named the Strawberry Moon due to the Native American tradition of naming each full moon of the year, although different tribes attributed different names to each moon. Other names for the moon include Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, Wolf Moon and the Fish Moon.

For most of Northern California, clear skies are in the forecast for the celestial event. There was also a super moon in May, and we have super moons to look forward to in July and August.

This moon marks the end of the spring in NorCal and the transition into the hot days of summer. Where would you like to see the celestial event? 

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