See What it’s Like to Summit Mount Shasta via Avalanche Gulch

Climbing Mount Shasta is the ultimate badge of honor in NorCal. It’s a grueling hike up steep terrain with changing weather patterns and snow conditions. Add to that the lack of oxygen at 14,179 feet, and it is easily the hardest hike/climb in our area.

To get an idea of just how grueling a climb it is to the top of Mount Shasta, here is a video that shows you the entire process from some first-timers from San Francisco:

This video has all of the ingredients of a typical Mount Shasta summit experience:

  • Exploring Horse Camp
  • John Muir quotes
  • Camping at Lake Helen
  • Beginning your ascent in the middle of the night
  • Misery Hill
  • A climber turns around, while everyone else considers it
  • Beautiful views and smiles at the summit
  • And of course, the coveted registry to sign your name into eternity

Think you have what it takes to summit Mount Shasta?

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