Sharknado Terrorizes Northern California Coast

*Happy April Fool’s Day! This article is part of the Active NorCal April Fool’s Day Extravaganza. Don’t @ us.

A massive oceanic tornado hit the shark-infested waters of Northern California’s Red Triangle today, terrorizing North Coast communities with flying great white sharks.

The infamous “sharknado” is a phenomenon documented in the six-part documentary series called Sharknado and starring such A-list celebrities as Tara Reid and Ian Ziering. Now, the natural disaster has hit Northern California, sending hungry sharks onto the land from San Francisco to Eureka.

The coastal communities of Northern California may never recover from this tragedy. Here is what a sharknado looked like when it hit Los Angeles:

Sharknados have been seen in Los Angeles and New York City in years past, giving NorCal residents a blueprint on how to deal with the disastrous incident – a giant chainsaw:

The amount of fatalities has not been released, but we can only imagine what senseless violence these sharks have brought to NorCal.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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