Shasta County Currently Ranks 3rd in National Bike Challenge

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The National Bike Challenge is hosted every May and is a friendly competition between counties in the United States on who can log the most biking miles during the month.

The Shasta Bike Challenge, hosted by Healthy Shasta, is Shasta County’s representative of the national challenge and currently sits in third place in the national standing with over two weeks left!

Here is a message from the Shasta Bike Challenge on how you still get involved in the festivities and log your miles:

We hope you have been enjoying this perfect riding weather and all the fun events/activities happening throughout Shasta Bike Month. This year’s Shasta Bike Challenge is holding its own in the National Bike Challenge as we sit in 1st place for our population size. Santa Cruz is tailing close behind us so we must continue to log trips and rack in those miles!

Overall, Shasta County is 3rd in the Nation compared to all communities and is the 3rd largest participant in the challenge.

“It’s not a race, it’s a journey, enjoy the moment.”

Upcoming Events & Activities this week:
• May 14- United Shasta Social Ride
• May 15- Ride of Silence
• May 16- Mayor’s Mountain Bike Challenge Social Ride
• May 17-National Bike to Work Day
• May 17- Bike for Free Pancake Breakfast
• May 18- Sport LTD Bike Swap 
• May 18- Shasta Bike Tour

Current Shasta County Stats (5/14/19):
• 52,732 miles total
• 4,589 trips
• 328 trips logged a day (average)
• 662 participants have logged at least one trip
• 900+ participants registered
• 48 teams have logged at least one trip (56 teams total)

Most Miles

• Shasta Wheelmen
• Chain Ganged Together for Small Businesses
• Calfire
• City of Redding 
• D2 Wheelers
Top Riders (distance, day points, encouragers points):
• Gary Nelson
• Roque Matagulay
• Kevin Burke

Top Commuter (most days riding to work):
• Elizabeth Cifu Shuster
• Rafael Ramierz
• Davis Crane
Top Riders (most trips):
• Peter Alexander
• Elizabeth Cifu Shuster
• Deena Matagulay

Top Male Rider (most Miles):
• Gary Nelson
• Wayne Wilson 
• Gary Meurer
• DeWayne Little
• Scott Small

Top Female Rider (most miles):
• Darcy Buckalew
• Shasta PT Wanda
• Shasta PT Marisa
• Sue Lennon
• Deena Matagulay

It’s not too late to sign up your friends, family, or even co-workers. One short trip is all it takes to be a part of the bike challenge and be entered into the awesome bike month raffle.

Keep calm and pedal on!

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