Shocking Video Shows Mountain Lion Devouring Cat in the Sierra

We all know that the vicious tendencies of nature are all around us. It’s just a little more shocking when we see it in action.

A couple in a small Sierra town east of Tahoe was able to capture video of a mountain lion catching and eating a feral cat near its house. The young female mountain lion killed the cat and brought it about 100 yards into the woods before digging into its meal. She buried the uneaten portions of the carcass, only to return 24 hours later to finish its meal.

The man that was able to capture the incident on camera moved more cameras to where the mountain lion buried the cat, watching the entire process throughout.

The above video is a great look into the brutal lives of wildlife. This video might be difficult for kids or people with squeamish stomachs, but does a great job showing the circle of life.

P.S. did you see the skunk casually walking past the cat?

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