Short Film Shows Professional Surfers Catching MONSTER Waves at Mavericks Last Week

On December 28, 2023, dangerous waves hit the coast of California, causing flooding and damage to infrastructure. For some of the most well-known big-wave surfers in the world, it also meant the ride of a lifetime at Mavericks.

Mavericks is famous for its enormous and deadly waves, which can reach up to 50 feet in these conditions. The waves, which periodically occur between November and March, used to be a formal surfing competition known as Titans of Mavericks, it transformed into an informal event after Titans of Mavericks went bankrupt in 2017. Despite the lack of an official competition, top big-wave surfers from around the world still flock to Half Moon Bay to experience some of the most challenging surfing conditions on the planet.

This year, the top professional surfers put on a show. And lucky for us, Mavericks Surf Awards was there to document the epic day. Check out the above video to see the waves of a lifetime at Mavericks.

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