Skiers Build Huge Jump over a Road Gap on Donner Summit

A lot of people have confidence on their skis in the confines of a ski resort, but it takes true guts to take that confidence and huck it over a road 30 feet below you. 

That’s exactly what this crew of skiers did at Donner Summit. They put their skiing prowess on the line and made an incredibly dangerous jump over a road gap. Let’s consider all of the variables here:

  1. They had to build the jump that took into account the speed that could be generated from the small runway leading up to the gap. That’s some serious ski-bum mathematics.
  2. They had to take into account snow conditions, which could create different speed variations and deteriorate the quality of the jump.
  3. They had the guts to put their lives at stake by launching off this bad boy (side note: whoever was the first to launch off this jump is a legend).
  4. They chose to – no wait – they HAD to huck massive flips over this gap because would they ever be able to live with themselves if they hadn’t?

Here is the descriptions from the filmographer, Nick Coulter:

Some of the finest skiers in the Lake Tahoe area gathered up to build one very unique jump that launches them over an old highway near Truckee California. Snow conditions, speed and timing all had to be perfect for this calculated jump. This was made possible thanks to one incredible snow year in the Sierra Nevada. 

Skiers: Connery Lundin, Zach Steele, Brandon Beck and a few other sendy badasses.

Sendy badasses, indeed!

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