Skiers Watch from the Chairlift as Bear Family Walks Across Tahoe Ski Run

It’s been a busy week for bear activity at Heavenly Mountain Resort, which recently watched a video of a bear running across the slopes go viral. Now, a bear family has been seen walking across the slopes of Heavenly, and it actually might be the same bear as the original video.

Nolan Brown recently shared a video on his Instagram page showing a bear family slugging through the powder right below the ski lift. It was a rare, up-close shot of bears on the mountain:

Interestingly enough, the bear video that went viral earlier in the week only showed one bear, but according to the person who took the video, that bear was chasing after its momma. So this could just be a case of multiple sightings of the same bear family on Heavenly.

That video was pretty exhilarating. Check it out:

@tao7570 Almost hit a bear skiing down ridgerun Heavenly. Didn't realize it was a bear until it was too close #Tahoe #LakeTahoe #tahoelife #travel #heavenly #ski #bear #wildanimals ? original sound – Tao

As the winter season begins in the Tahoe Basin, so does a critical phase for black bears – hyperphagia, or the fall feeding frenzy. During this period, bears eat voraciously, consuming thousands of calories daily to build fat reserves for the winter. Adult bears can gain multiple pounds each day as they forage day and night. That makes for heightened activity as the harsh winter begins to take hold.

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