Slackliners Seen Performing Heart-Pounding Stunts at Yosemite’s Taft Point

Yosemite National Park is known to be a place that attracts outdoor thrill seekers. From rock climbers to base jumpers, the world-famous rock formations in the park make for a perfect playground for extreme athletes.

Now, slackliners are showing off their heart-pounding stunts at the park in plain view of hikers in the area.

Videos of the slackliners were posted to social media recently showing a few men tip-toeing across a line at Taft Point that is terrifying to watch. The men sway back and forth and they try to walk high above the valley floor. See the videos:

The men seem to be wearing protective equipment, making this stunt not as dangerous as you might think, but it’s still scary to watch. It’s reminiscent of the mysterious adventurer who posted the below video of someone slacklining across Upper Yosemite Falls, about 2,500 feet high.

While these videos of crazy stunts might bug you, we support their thrill-seeking lifestyle. These people keep pushing the limits of life and it’s fun to watch in the beautiful wilderness of Northern California.

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