South Lake Tahoe Introduces New Parking Measures to Alleviate Ski Season Congestion

Photo: Heavenly Mountain Resort

In preparation for the upcoming ski season, South Lake Tahoe is taking proactive steps to combat parking congestion. The city has recently introduced a seasonal residential parking permit program and established no-parking and residential parking zones in the vicinity of Heavenly Mountain Resort.

The primary objective of these measures is to reduce the adverse impact of non-residential parking on the streets surrounding the California side of the resort. Over the years, residents of the Heavenly Valley neighborhood have experienced significant challenges, including traffic congestion, overflow parking, illegal parking, and various disturbances during the winter months.

Heavenly Mountain Resort is scheduled to kick off its ski season on November 17, making the timing of these parking solutions crucial.

Under the new program, residents are eligible for up to five residential parking permits, including two guest permits. To further encourage visitors to use designated parking areas and local transit options, the city has implemented seasonal restrictions from November 1 through May 1. It’s important to note that standard street parking prohibitions during snow removal operations still apply during this period.

The South Lake Tahoe Police Department has initiated the process of issuing residential parking permits, and appointments can be scheduled for this purpose. For more details, including application forms, residents and visitors can visit the city’s official website.

These measures aim to enhance the overall experience for both residents and visitors during the ski season while addressing the longstanding parking issues in the Heavenly Valley neighborhood.

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