Sports LTD Bike Thieves Captured by Redding RPD

On March 1, a female entered Sports LTD in Redding telling workers she was looking to purchase a bike. When the female asked to test out the bike in the store’s parking lot, she sped off down the street. The woman loaded the bike into a nearby truck and an employee took down the license plate number.

While the Redding Police Department was on the lookout for the vehicle, Sports LTD took to social media to find the thieves, who were caught on camera:

On March 7, the license plate “O KYLA” led officers to a home off State Street in downtown Redding where they found the bike and apprehended the thieves – 30-year-old Monique Solorio and 28-year-old John Capelli:

Capelli and Solorio were booked into the Shasta County Jail for possession of stolen property and probation violations.

“The use of social media was very helpful in resolving this investigation,” said the Redding RPD in a statement.

Stealing is never good, but when you take expensive gear from an enthusiastic, locally-owned sporting goods store, you get what you deserve. Maybe this wasn’t the crime of the century but it shows the power of local social media. We love our local shops, so don’t mess with them.

Crime doesn’t pay, kids.

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