Subaru is Donating 2.3 Millions Meals to Northern California Food Banks

The Covid-19 outbreak will have a significant impact on communities around the world and Northern California is no different. Lost wages and the prospect of a tanking economy will have many in need in the near and distant future, on top of any health issues brought on by the virus.

That’s why the local Subaru dealerships, as part of Subaru’s national campaign, will donate 2.3 million meals to Food Banks in NorCal.

On a national scale, Subaru has committed to donating 50 million meals to Food Banks to help feed people in need during the Coronavirus pandemic. This action, called Subaru Loves to Help, is part of Subaru’s effort to make meals available at 199 local food banks across the country.

While Subaru is universally known as the vehicle of outdoor adventurers. Now, they are known for helping those in need. Great job Subaru!

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