Tahoe Bear Seen Breaking into Six Cars in One Neighborhood

The bears in the area surrounding Lake Tahoe are known to be brash, hungry and adept at breaking into cars and homes. Tahoe locals are used the the usual bear activity, which might include one bear having a heyday throughout a neighborhood. That type of activity was witnessed in Tahoe City recently.

A bear was caught on camera breaking into a car and casually walking across a neighborhood road in Tahoe City on the north shore of the lake, with the person who captured the photo claiming the bear got into six different cars that day:

While it’s not a surprise for the locals who see this type of bear activity quite frequently during the summer months, it can be shocking and damaging for people visiting the area. Bears are known to break into homes and cars, ripping apart the insides in search for some delicious human food.

Here’s an example of how smart the bears have gotten when breaking into Tahoe cars:

If you plan on going to the Tahoe area, be sure to lock your car and keep any food out of it. You may just have a run-in with a bear burglar.

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