Tahoe Police Rescue Woman Inside Car Buried in Snow

Photo: City of South Lake Tahoe

Historic snowfall in the month of February in the Sierra Nevada has made a winter wonderland for outdoor adventurers. It has also created a dangerous situation for visitors and locals alike.

A snowplow was clearing the roads in South Lake Tahoe when it hit something deep in the snow. The plow operator alerted the police and a group of officers started digging where the object was located. In the end, they found a woman buried underneath the pile of snow in her car.

Photo: City of South Lake Tahoe

“With that much snow piled on top of the car … if the snowplow hadn’t hit the back of it we could be having a much different conversation,” South Lake Tahoe spokesman Chris Fiore told Sam Gross of the Reno Gazette Journal. “She could have suffocated.” 

The 48-year-old woman is believed to be homeless and living out of her car.

Many people only think about the positive aspect of major snowfall in the Tahoe area, but the large amounts of snow can create many dangers for the public.

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