Blizzard Conditions Close I-80 Near Tahoe With No Timeline for Reopening

Due to whiteout conditions and multiple spinouts, CalTrans closed Interstate 80 near Tahoe in both directions from Colfax to the Nevada Stateline around 1 pm Tuesday. As of 6 pm, the road remains closed with no timetable to reopen.

This has been a familiar sight to anyone who keeps track of the Tahoe road closures, as the historic February snowfall on the north side of Lake Tahoe has forced I-80 to close multiple times. CalTrans took to social media to show the blizzard conditions on the road:

The CalTrans webcams show a road that is not going to open anytime soon:

Meanwhile, on the other side of Tahoe, Highway 50 is currently on hold due to multiple spinouts, but has a better chance of opening sooner compared to its I-80 counterpart. Currently, the road doesn’t look too bad:

For those scoring at home, that means both major road that go into the Tahoe area are currently closed.

For anyone looking to visit Tahoe from Northern California in the next week, expect many road closures and delays. The forecast looks brutal:

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