Tahoe Snowpack is More Than Double It’s Historical Depth

There are so many statistics we could present to you that would indicate just how incredible the snowfall in Northern California has been this winter. But a new statistic perfectly describes the shear insanity of the current Sierra Nevada snowpack.

The snowpack in the Tahoe mountains is currently more than double its historical depth.

The Department of Agriculture released its current snow/water equivalent percentage for the end of March and it shows the Tahoe region currently holding 205 percent its historical average. The numbers are simply staggering:

We’ve seen all of the pictures of the walls of snow in the Tahoe region. We’ve heard how February broke a ton of records for snowfall. We know that 8 ski resorts have seen over 500 inches of snowfall, with two even exceeding 600 inches. But 205 percent is just crazy.

The snowpack is going to last well into the spring and summer months, delaying the opening of summer activities in NorCal and ensuring massive water flows through the area.

What a crazy water year in NorCal.

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