The Internet Hilariously Reacts to the #PGEPowerShutdown

With businesses closed, schools out and a general sense of angst in Northern California due to the recent PG&E power shutdowns, the internet is having a field day. Leave it to the brave men and women who lurk the interwebs looking for new ways to bemuse the public to roast the sweeping blackouts.

Because you most likely have no power and your job is closed, here’s some internet fodder at the expense of the power shutdowns:

The first story comes from a Twitter user wanted to find answers from PG&E, so she took to the dating app Bumble:

Of course, some people were frustrated with the PG&E website:

And the solar power people were having a field day:

We’re all learning that living off the grid is harder than it looks:

And some were comparing the ironic similarities between PG&E and The Purge:

And PG&E customer service hasn’t received rave reviews:

As always, Drake had something to say:

And we all know… It’s a damned if they do, damned if they don’t situation:

And some of us are realizing our addiction to power:

The internet is undefeated…

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