The Red Sky in Mendocino Looks Like the Surface of Mars Right Now

Photo by Mendocino County Sheriff

Residents of Mendocino are surrounded by wildfire right now, including the August Complex Fire, which has grown to the fourth largest fire in California’s recorded history. With fires prevalent in the area, residents are experiencing dangerously smoky conditions, and the Mendocino sky currently looks like the red surface of Mars.

In Mendocino County, two wildfires remain prevalent in the area. The August Complex Fire sits at an astounding 356,312 acres with 24 percent containment. Meanwhile, the newly started Oak Fire sits at 863 acres with 5 percent containment.

The growing Oak Fire and continuously burning August Complex Fire have created a red sky that is unlike any we’ve seen in Northern California. Here are some of the craziest photos of the Mendocino sky tonight:

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