The Snow is Falling HARD in Tahoe! Here Are the Best Photos/Videos of the First Storm of the Season

It’s September 16th and it looks like winter is coming a little early in Northern California this year! A snowstorm slammed Tahoe this afternoon, bringing with it images of a winter wonderland up in the mountains.

To be clear, this isn’t unusual for the area. The first snow of the year typically happens in mid-September (except for last year’s mid-October snowfall) for the Tahoe area, but it’s still a fun event to celebrate what we love about the Sierra Nevada mountains!

Here are the best photos/videos of the storm:

What a lovely surprise! Now, we know not to get too excited, because we’re probably still months away from consistent snowfall in the area. But it has us dreaming of winter days on the mountain in NorCal.

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