Tapping California’s North: The Siskiyou Beer Trail

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There are few things that hand-in-hand with the outdoors, but as we’ve learned over the years, there’s nothing quite like a craft beer after a long hike.

With Siskiyou County’s endless opportunity for outdoor adventure, it also packs with it some of the best craft beer in Northern California. The five breweries of Far NorCal make for a great trail to explore the vast and beautiful region of Siskiyou County. Let’s tap California’s North by taking a trip on the Siskiyou Beer Trail:

Dunsmuir Brewery Works

Photo: Dunsmuir Brewery Works

Dunsmuir Brewery Works in downtown Dunsmuir is known for it’s delicious beer and fantastic food. They have craft beer for all taste buds, but our favorites include the Rhein Kolsch and Blood, Sweat and Tears IPA. If you’re looking for a hefty meal to match, try their bison burger. It’s a delicious endeavor!

In fact, we did a live review of the food and beer at Dunsmuir Brewery Works after hiking to 5 waterfalls in one day in Siskiyou County:

If you’re looking for a short hike to match with this brewery, we recommend visiting Hedge Creek Falls, which will bring you to a 30-foot tall waterfall falling directly over a cave.

Phew, that was delicious! Now let’s head to the next destination:

Siskiyou Brew Works

Photo: Siskiyou Brew Works

Next we head to downtown McCloud get sudsy at Siskiyou Brew Works, located conveniently off the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway. This nanobrewery and pizzeria pours some NorCal favorites including Mt. Eddy’s Gold, Trinity Divide and the Mother McCloud Ale.

And it’s always recommended to mix your craft beer with some delicious pizza pie:

To match this with an epic hike, just go a short drive down the road to the three tiers of McCloud Falls, where you find three epic waterfalls all within a short hike.

Here’s where you can find this awesome NorCal brewery:

Not full yet? Not even close! Now let’s head to Weed, California for a popular establishment of brews and eats…

Mt. Shasta Brewing Co.

Photo: Mt. Shasta Brewing Co.

One of the most popular breweries in Siskiyou County sits in right under the shadow of Mount Shasta, bringing cold craft beer and tasty food to the area for decades. You may know them for their distinct craft beers like Weed Golden Ale, Jalapeno Weed Ale and the local favorite – Lemurian Golden Lager.

Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. has been a favorite of ours for years. Here’s a review of their beer and food:

You can find this awesome brewery right in the heart of Weed, California:

Now let’s head up to Yreka for the next stop on our beer trail!

Etna Brewing Co.

Photo: Etna Brewing Co.

Although the main location is located in Etna, we’re stopping in Etna Brewing Co.’s Yreka location to try some of their tasty brews. This brewery has a rich history dating back to pre-prohibition, and they’ve managed to keep patrons coming back for more with their flagship Classic Gold Ale and Blackberry Blonde.

If you’re in the area, you can also visit their main location in Etna, serving up the same delicious suds and foods. Here’s where you can find their Yreka location:

It’s been a long, tasty trip, but we still have one delicious brewery left of the Siskiyou Beer Trail…

Paystreak Brewing

Photo: Paystreak Brewing

The final stop of our Siskiyou Beer Trail is in downtown Etna, where Paystreak Brewing keeps the neighborhood alive with its craft beers such as Callahan Gold and Streaker IPA. When they’re not serving up food and craft beers to the Etna locals, they’re known as the perfect stop for thirsty hikers along the Pacific Crest Trail.

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One of my favorite aspects of thru hiking are the breweries. When I hiked the AT I often found myself brew blazing. That means hiking from brewery to brewery. I soon adapted that same mindset to the PCT. It’s fun, no one judges you for having a beer before noon and your body consumes the liquid calories like no other. If there’s one reason to they hike, add brew blazing to the list and try out all of the local breweries along the way. You won’t be sorry! Besides, who could pass up that PCT sign? The bartender did everything short of carrying us in. He practically jumped up and down in the window to get our attention as our eyes looked to see if they were open.

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Here’s where you can find this small bit delicious brewery in Etna:

Now that you’ve learned about the Siskiyou Beer Trail, it’s time to go do it! For hotels in the area, check out our list of 14 Awesomely Unique Hotels in Siskiyou County.

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