The World’s Greatest Houseboat Trip: Shasta Lake

The sun is shining and the heat is beginning to roll into NorCal which means it’s almost time to spend our days cooling off and having some fun on the lake. 

Now, everyone knows the best way to spend a day on the lake is on a houseboat. You simply can’t argue otherwise. When I think of houseboats on the lake I think of family, friends, water-sports, BBQ’s, sun-tan lotion and waking up with the sunrise. 

So it’s time to get excited to spend your summer days on Shasta Lake. If this awesome video doesn’t get you excited, nothing will –

Need some houseboating tips? We always come prepared-

Your Vacation on Water – The 10 Things You’ll Need For The Perfect Houseboat Getaway

Being prepared is the most important. That’s why we’re giving you the top 10 things you’ll need to bring in order to experience the most epic houseboating getaway of your life.

  1. Food – Typically of the barbecue variety. All rented houseboats come prepared with barbeque grills and accessories. It’s much easier to cook on a grill compared to the relatively small kitchens in the boat.  You will also need snacks – chips and peanuts are big hits. Anything to keep your appetite appeased between meals.
  2. Drinks – Depending on what your idea of a houseboat trip looks like, you’re going to need a lot of beverages. Beer, soda and a lot of water should keep your thirst quenched. Possibly even some ingredients for margaritas.
  3. Ice – Something that might fall under the radar, ice is very important for keeping your drinks and food cold. Trust me, you probably won’t be able to fit everything in the fridge and will opt to place a lot in the cooler. Speaking of…
  4. Coolers – Most houseboat rentals will provide you with a cooler, and while big, it’s usually not enough space to store all of your perishables and beverages.
  5. Pillows and blankets – As comfortable as many of the beds can be after a long day in the sun, you will not regret bringing your own blankets from home. Comfort is key.
  6. Warm Clothes – As hot as it gets during the summer, you will never be more happy to throw on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt
  7. Games – A deck of cards is a no brainer (or try Apples To Apples for some good laughs). It’s also fun to bring along short board games, just avoid games like Monopoly or Risk that will keep you there all day. Also, consider bringing along more physical games you can play on shore like Ladder Toss or Cornhole.
  8. Sunscreen – Wear it early and often
  9. Floatation Devices – This is not a safety issue (you won’t see any Titanic-sized icebergs in Shasta Lake), it’s a relaxation issue. There is nothing like spending hours of your day lounging in the water with your friends.
  10. Another Boat – While this may not be an option for everyone, it can make life much easier and make the trip more exciting. Considering what you will pay for gasoline on a houseboat, this is a way for you to get around the lake in an easy, less expensive matter. It also allows for trips to the marina (We need more ice!) or it can help you get to your desired fishing location.

Places to Rent a Houseboat on Shasta Lake

Shasta Marina: (530) 238-2284

Bridge Bay Marina: (530) 275-3021

Jones Valley Resort: (530) 275-7950

Antlers Resort & Marina: (530) 238-2553

Silverthorn Resort: (800) 332-3044

Packers Bay Marina: (530) 275-5570

Holiday Harbor Resort: (530) 238-2383

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