These Photos Prove that Northern California is the Most Beautiful in the Fall

It’s autumn in Northern California, with the foliage that grew all spring and summer long have turned to fantastic bright colors as the temperatures lower and Holiday season approaches. As with any season change, this makes for new opportunities to explore the wonderful areas of NorCal, which may show its most beautiful colors during this time of year

The diverse wildlife of NorCal is something of beauty to watch during autumn, as the wild animals begin a new routine, the salmon runs move wonderfully through the tributaries and you get those final months of outdoor adventures before the winter hits. The fall colors are nothing short of spectacular and one photographer has the photos to prove it.

Glenn Lee Robinson has become a popular photographer on social media with his spectacular photos of the NorCal wilderness. Here are some of his best photos to show the beauty of the area in the fall:

Want to know more about Robinson? Check him out on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube or watch him in action with the video below:

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