This Downhill Skateboarding Video on Mt. Shasta is GNARLY!

There’s just something in the water at Mount Shasta.

Caliber Trucks, a skateboarding company making high-end trucks, released a new video called Shasta Water and featuring skateboarder Miles Parker riding the hills of Mount Shasta. The video, released just last week, features the death-defying stunts of a downhill skateboarder while showing the beauty of of the Mt. Shasta area.

Here is the description of the video from Caliber Trucks:

Anyone who has visited the small Northern California town of Mt. Shasta leaves knowing there’s something about the water there. The locals tell us it’s special and they fill jugs from the source to bring it everywhere they travel. We’re not quite sure what makes the water in Shasta so special, but we do think drinking the cold snowmelt that runs off that spiritual mountain might have had an effect on Miles Parker and his skating. That, or the abundance of incredible steep roads that lie in the surrounding area. Either way, we know that once you’ve had a sip of that Shasta water, you won’t be able to stop coming back for more.

Check out the gnarly video:

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