This Map of Lightning Strikes in NorCal this Week is TERRIFYING

We’ve reported heavily on the thunderstorm and subsequent lightning strikes that were so prominent over the weekend in the Northern California. The number of reported lightning strikes over a 48-hour period were in the thousands, but to actually see a map of those strikes is absolutely terrifying.

The National Weather Service released a map with the recorded lightning strikes on August 9th & 10th and it looks like the entire upper region of NorCal is covered in red dots. Check it out:

So there’s the location of the lightning strikes throughout NorCal and it makes me think “how the heck did I avoid being struck by lightning this weekend?!”

The thousands of lightning strikes ignited over 40 fires in National Forests, with most of them limited to the tree the lightning struck. But they sure did keep firefighters busy, responding to one fire after another from Friday through Sunday.

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