This NorCal Campground is the Best in the State, According to Outside Magazine

We all know there are some pretty amazing campgrounds in Northern California. Whether you’re camping in one of the National Parks, under the shadow of a volcano or waterside on a stunning lake, you can’t go wrong finding an outdoor vacation in NorCal. But according to Outside Magazine, there is one that tops the rest.

The magazine listed its best campgrounds in every state and what they listed for California might surprise you. They chose this little-known campsite in the Redwoods National Park. Here’s what they said:

Flint Ridge Backcountry Camp, Redwood National Park

Picking the best campsite in a state like California can be next to impossible, with incredible biodiversity in every direction. One of my hidden favorites is Flint Ridge Backcountry Camp, a small spot in Redwood National Park just south of where the Klamath River pours into the Pacific. Head west from the eight wooded sites and a short but steep trail takes you to some of the best beachside bouldering in the country – the north side of the beach is tribal land and off-limits to climbers. In the other direction, nearly ten miles of singletrack trails wind through towering old-growth redwoods. Backcountry camping is free with a permit from the National Park Service. – Matt Skenazy, features editor

It’s great that they chose an off-the-beaten-path destination, since some of the obvious choices have been written about ad nauseum online. They could have chosen any place around Tahoe, in Yosemite, near Mount Shasta or along the North Coast. Of course, this is a subjective subject.

Here’s our list of the best places to camp in Northern California

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