This Northern California Distillery Makes Organic Vodka from Grapes

Photo courtesy of Hansons of Sonoma

Northern California is known around the globe for having some of the best grapes in the world. The most stellar of these grapes come from Napa and Sonoma counties and are fermented into fine wine. One family, however, is doing something a little different. The Hanson family of Sonoma decided to take some of these beautiful organic grapes to make… Vodka!?

Hansons of Sonoma

Hansons of Sonoma is a family owned and operated distillery producing some of the finest vodka in the country from organic grapes. Their process of making the vodka begins by sourcing the grapes they use from a local family owned winery Ceja Vineyards.

The Ceja family and the Hanson family work closely throughout the process to ensure the grapes are treated just right. Ceja Vineyards starts with the grapes and turns them to wine. From there the wine is moved over to the Hanson’s distillery and turned from wine to vodka.

Once the vodka is made they add real fruit or other natural flavorings in order to infuse different flavors into their vodka. Current flavors include cucumber, ginger, mandarin, habanero, boysenberry and espresso.

Learn more about Hansons of Sonoma’s super unique process of making vodka from grapes

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