This Northern California Town was Named After a Confederate General. Now it’s Discussing a Name Change.

The beautiful town of Fort Bragg along the Northern California coast is a great place to enjoy the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino County. Now, while America faces aftermath of the death of George Floyd, the town is considering a name change to distance itself from its Confederate past.

The City of Fort Bragg announced it will be discussing a possible name change, since the town was named in 1857 after Captain Braxton Bragg, who later became a General in the Army of the Confederacy. While the city council announced it would simply discuss the idea, it has been both praised and lamented by people throughout the country.

“Responding to many requests (some local and many not) that the City of Fort Bragg, California change its name to avoid any connotation associated with Confederate Army General Braxton Bragg, Fort Bragg Mayor Will Lee would like to announce that at the June 22, 2020 Regular City Council meeting, the City Council will discuss whether to place the question of changing the City’s name on the ballot in November for City residents to decide,” the city said in a statement.

The city joins the ranks of other NorCal destinations considering name changes like Negro Bar State Recreation Area in Folsom and the monuments to Sir Francis Drake in Point Reyes National Seashore. Of course, the comments section came alive with joking names:

“Snowflake, California”

“Fort Bud? Trimagrant & Treehugo? Unemployment Cove?”

“Fort Snowflake!?”

“Fort Karenville”

There’s also a strong contingency of people who want to return the town’s name to its Native American heritage. The area’s history goes back centuries with the Pomo tribe, which were placed in a reservation in the mid-1800’s name Noyo. Today, many people believe the town should ignore its confederate past and name the town Noyo after its much longer history of Native American occupation.

Many eyes will be on the Fort Bragg City Council meeting on June 22nd, to see what direction the town’s leaders believe they should go. Will they change Fort Bragg’s name to Noyo? We shall see.

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