This Photo of Comet Neowise Over Mt. Shasta Makes the Perfect Phone Background Image

The photos of Comet Neowise over Northern California from 2020 are absolutely stunning! From Yosemite to Lake Tahoe to Lassen Peak, photographers flocked to the most beautiful destinations in NorCal to get the perfect shot of the historic comet.

But the most photographed destination with Neowise in NorCal was Mount Shasta, and one prominent photographer has perfectly edited it for a smart phone background.

Cory Poole is a popular photographer in Redding who has dazzled people with his photography for years. He put out a photo of Neowise over Mt. Shasta and encouraged people to use it as their phone background photo. The post went viral with over 17,000 shares:

“Sometimes people like to use my pictures for their desktops but those files don’t work at all for phone backgrounds,” reads the post. “So here’s a vertical 16×9 HD phone background image of Comet NEOWISE rising over Mt. Shasta from Heart lake. Click on image and then there will be three dots in the upper right. Click on those and then save to phone. This is still a single image. I still haven’t made it to the stacking phase where I should be able to bring out a much longer tail. Even so you can still see both the dust tail and ion tail in this image.”

Great job once again from the very talented Cory Poole. Thanks for the great phone background photo!

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