This Week’s ‘Super Pink Moon’ Will Be the Biggest and Brightest of 2020

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar 

Another supermoon will appear over the night sky this week, and it will be the biggest and brightest in 2020.

This month’s Super Pink Moon it set to appear over the night sky on April 7th and 8th, making it the third time a super moon has been seen in 2020. The Super Pink Moon will look bigger and brighter than any other super moon’s this year, since it will be the closest to Earth that we’ll seen this year. The moon will come just 221,772 miles away from Earth this week, compared to March’s super moon which came 252,707 miles away.

The moon will see it’s peak illumination around 7:35 pm on April 7th, but will be big and beautiful throughout the night and the night of April 8th. Because of the “moon illusion,” it will look especially large when it is close to the horizon.

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<— Swipe for a cropped image —> “Worm Moon” – the first full moon in the month of March. Captured during the moon rise as it passes behind one of lesser known bridges in the bay, the San Rafael Bridge. Worm moon is the first of three straight full moon super moons of the year (2nd closest). It’s also called the Crow moon or the Sap Moon. Super Moon happens when the sun, the moon and the earth line up so that the perigee coincides with the most dramatic phases of the moon. Simply put, happens when the moon is closest to the earth. Shared after a few quick edits on the phone. Amazing how much one can do on a mobile device. #visitcalifornia #sfgate #nbcbayarea #visitsf #ktvu2 # abc7now #sfpulse #norcalphotographer #explorecalifornia #californiaadventure #nikonusa #d850 #z6 #rawcalifornia #sanfranciscoworld #sf #onlyinsf #bayarea #theview #natgeoyourshot #sfigers #sanfranciscocity #snowmoon #sanrafaelbridge #bridgesofamerica #supermoon #moonrise #wormmoon #wormmoon2020

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The most recent storm should clear just in time to see the celestial event as Northern California residents remain home due to the shelter-in-place mandate from the growing Coronaviru pandemic. This will give you a reason to go outside of your house and marvel at the big, bright moon, as long as your practicing social distance.

A “Supermoon” occurs when when the moon is within 90% of pedigree, or the closest to earth in its orbit. April’s rendition is named the “Super Pink Moon,” due to the Native American tradition of naming each full moon of the year, although different tribes attributed different names to each moon. This month’s moon is named Pink due to the coming of flowers in April, but other names for the moon include Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon.

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