This Zillow Listing for a House in Tahoe is the Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today

On the surface, a house for sale in South Lake Tahoe is pretty standard. The multi-family home is just over 2,000 square feet at an asking price of $650,000. But if you scroll through the photos, you may find some images that will deter you from making an offer.

The Zillow listing for the house on Primrose Road descends into pure weirdness as you scroll through, eventually ending in different rooms filled with luxurious manikins. We have so many questions, but for now, we’ll just let the photos tell the story.

Here’s a digital tour of the Zillow listing:

A normal-looking house in South Lake Tahoe
A little messy but not much of a surprise
Wow… That is a lot of luxurious looking manikins
Annnnnd even more manikins
Is the house always like this?
Who could live like this?!
Wait… What’s going on in that back bedroom?
What is happening here?!

There you have it. While they were staging the home to list for sale, they decided to include their cocktail party of manikins. Who is this person? Is this a joke? Is this some sort of job or passion? Who could live like this?

This could be some sort of Zillow performance art, which quite frankly, is hilarious. After all, who would buy this house after seeing these photos?

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