Throwback: Professional Stuntman Performs Death-Defying Jump on Shasta Lake


Erik Mukhametshin is a professional stuntman and a finalist from the Ninja Warrior Russia. He travels the world showing off his incredible ability to climb and do flips on his popular social media pages. In 2018, he showed off his stunts in Northern California and almost died in the process.

Mukhametshin posted some videos from Shasta Lake where he performed one of the most dangerous stunts we’ve ever seen. He performed a front flip from a moving RV off a bridge into the lake. In his own words – “That’s how I almost died yesterday…”

See the video:

Oh. My. Goodness. That was scary. Here is what Mukhametshin said about the stunt:

“That’s how I almost died yesterday… 😅 I did so many hard tricks yesterday and this one felt like it was gonna be the easiest, so I probably was too chilled about it and paid the price for it. I got a little concussion, my back is sore but the worst one is my collar bones aren’t feeling great.
But I’m a machine…”

What a scary stunt. My guess is, this stunt has to be illegal. But if you’re a famous social media star, you’ll risk fines (along with your life) to create good content. He also went to the nearby railroad track to perform and double gainer:

What a maniac.

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