Treatment Underway for Bear Cub Burned in the Tamarack Fire

When devastating wildfires hit the Northern California wilderness, we immediately think of all the humans who could lose their homes to the flames. Other victims of these fires are the animals who call the wilderness their home and they sometimes deal with much harsher consequences.

A Markleeville homeowner who was evacuated due to the Tamarack Fire recently returned to their home to find a bear cub struggling in their yard. Once Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care arrived at the scene, they found the cub had been badly burned on all four paws, making it difficult for the 21-pound male to walk. The wildlife workers were able to sedate the cub and bring him into their facility, where he received treatment for his injuries.

We’re thankful for these great wildlife workers who take car of the struggling wildlife during these fires! Here’s the account of the bear from the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care team:

We have a new arrival at LTWC! Everyone meet Tamarack!

Last night we got a call about 7:30pm from a homeowner that had just returned to their home in Markleeville about a burned cub in their yard.

VERY fortunate for the cub as they were the ONLY homeowners in the neighborhood that had returned.

After callin the incident commander for the Tamarack fire & getting permission to go into the restricted area – we mobilized a team from LTWC & added Dr Shane Sheets to our entourage.

We found the cub – sedated it -(tried to run down the hill in the pitch black dark but we found him) & headed back to LTWC.

After an exam it was found to be a 21 pound male cub- burns on all 4 feet.

We gave him pain meds- fluids & treated the paws. We will re-assess today for future treatment but as of this morning he was doing well.

Big thanks the Dr Sheets- LTWC staff- Tamarack fire incident command & homeowners for helping give this cub ( who we named Tamarack) a second chance!

Tamarack is stable but we have a long way to go! This lucky little survivor is going to need TONS of care & medical treatment!

We need our Wildlife Heroes help! Tamarack needs your help! Every little bit will count in helping this cub return to the wild!

Send your thanks to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care by donating to their organization. You can donate here.

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