VIDEO: Bear Demolishes Front Door to Break into Tahoe Cabin

If you’ve ever questioned the strength of a bear, this video will give you a glimpse into their incredible power.

A Nest camera in a Tahoe cabin captured an amazing feat of strength when a bear bursted through the front door in search of human food. It’s unknown the damage that was done to the house following the break in, but we can assume the bear headed straight for the kitchen. Even when you think your cabin is bear proof, they can still manage to find their way in the front door.

Bear sightings in the communities surrounding Lake Tahoe have grown at an astonishing rate in the past few years. Flocking to the area during the summer months in search of human food provided by tourists, bears have become accustomed to the Tahoe life and the benefits of living in the beautiful area. With videos showing the shocking encounters with these wild animals, we can get a glimpse into their lifestyle and how they’ve adapted to living amongst humans.

Of course, the bear-human interactions can prove to be devastating in certain situations. Earlier this year, a tourist was forced to shoot a charging bear in his vacation rental. Even more recently, a bear who had grown reliant on human food had to be shot in self defense. Mitigating these interactions is crucial for bear populations. Be sure to educate yourself on the importance of Keeping Tahoe Bears Wild.

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