VIDEO: Bear Hilariously Climbs into Driver Seat of Tahoe UPS Truck

Bear sightings in the communities surrounding Lake Tahoe have grown at an astonishing rate in the past few years. Flocking to the area during the summer months in search of human food provided by tourists, bears have become accustomed to the Tahoe life and the benefits of living in the beautiful area. With videos showing the shocking encounters with these wild animals, we can get a glimpse into their lifestyle and how they’ve adapted to living amongst humans.

In a recent video posted to social media, we can see a bear climbing into a UPS truck, looking like it’s on its way to make deliveries.

The hilarious video (above) was posted by Dean Meyer to Facebook with little context, although there’s probably not much context to provide. Bears in Tahoe are in constant search of human food and have quickly learned that people keep food in their cars. We’re guessing the bear didn’t find anything on this try.

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