VIDEO: Cliff Jumper Performs a 75-Foot Quadruple Front Flip at Middle McCloud Falls

Cliff jumpers put on a show at Middle McCloud Falls recently, with some of the best Northern California has to offer throwing some of the craziest tricks off the 75-foot ledge above the waterfall. One of those tricks was from Seth Coley, who cleanly performed a quadruple front flip in front of onlookers at the popular waterfall.

It may be the craziest cliff jump from McCloud Falls we’ve ever seen (watch the video above).

Another spectacular trick performed at the waterfall that day was from none other than Robert Wall, who continues to impress his large social media following with insane cliff jumps in NorCal and beyond. Here’s the video from his crazy jump:

So which is the better jump – the stylish jump from Robert Wall or the quadruple frontflip from Seth Coley? Let us know in the comments!

Want more cliff jumping at McCloud Falls? Check out this clip from Flow State – Into the Mind of a Freestyle Cliff Jumper:

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