VIDEO: Man Takes on Massive Widowmaker Snow Slab on Tahoe Cabin Roof

The massive winter storm that slammed the Tahoe area with nearly 10 feet of snow this week has given locals a small taste of the winter they hoped for. As with any winter in Tahoe, this includes the many household tasks of removing the snow off different areas of your home. This creates what we like to call “widowmakers.”

A widowmaker is large pack of snow or ice hanging from the house that can fall on someone as they pass under, potentially creating widows. So any responsible resident would clear these out to keep everyone safe. A recent video posted by professional snowboarder Tim Humphreys shows how they get rid of widowmakers in the midst of a snowy winter:

That’s a hug slab of snow! It’s so great to see these videos and photos of the Sierra covered in snow. Following what’s been a disappointing winter, these March storms are beginning to bring the crucial snowpack back to the mountains.

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