Video of Shasta Lake Woodpecker Caught on Tree Shows the Importance of Cleaning Up Fishing Line

A video was sent to us by Spencer Mojarro showing him rescuing a woodpecker stuck in fishing line along the shores of Shasta Lake. It’s the perfect example of why it’s important to clean up your fishing line while in the outdoors.

Watch the video above of Mojarro freeing the woodpeck and read his explanation below:

“The other day we were fishing on the pit arm of Shasta Lake when we noticed this woodpecker dangling from a tree. He was Upside down and both of his feet were tangled up in fishing line I think he would have been dead in a matter of days if we hadn’t noticed him but Luckily we were able to set him free and watch him fly away to his partner after about 15 minutes of untangling him. Long story short, when possible pick up your fishing line people.”

Fantastic job from Spencer doing his part to save the wildlife of NorCal!

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