VIDEO: Roosevelt Elk Take Down ‘Wild Elk’ Sign in Redwood National Park

Photo: Terry Feuerborn

Roosevelt Elk are known to call the Redwood National Park home. There are seven herds in the park, accounting for hundreds elk majestically roaming throughout the redwood trees year-round. And with the elk numbers high in the park, there are plenty of opportunities to witness the sometimes strange activity of the herds.

A camp host was able to capture an incredible video of two Roosevelt Bull elk sparring in the park, and ironically taking out a “Danger: Wild Elk” sign in the process:

“With less foot traffic in our parks, we are seeing wildlife reclaiming the landscape,” the park wrote on social media. “One of camp hosts at RNSP witnessed two Roosevelt bull elk practicing sparring with their antlers on a park sign. Not shown in this video is the sign completely removed from its post!”

Elk management in Redwood National and State Parks mainly consists of keeping track of herds seasonally, especially during calving season (late May through June), and during the fall rut (late August through October), when elk are more likely to become aggressive toward humans. Park staff respond to any reports of close encounters between elk and humans.

The above video is fantastic, and may be just as great as this video of elk stopping traffic in Elk Praire:

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