VIDEO: 60-Foot Rope Swing Stunt on the Truckee River is TERRIFYING!

Floaters on the Truckee River got quite an exhilarating show on this day

Mike Wilson has become well known around Northern California for his insane rope swing stunts. He’s made viral videos from all over the Tahoe area, but this one might be his most terrifying.

Let me paint a picture for you – you’re having a relaxing float down the Truckee River on a pleasant summer day, when all of a sudden a maniac comes flying out of the cliffs above doing multiple flips and aerial stunts.

Crazy right? Well that’s what happened to some lucky rafters when they came across Mike Wilson on the fateful day. And luckily for us, he filmed the whole thing. Check it out:

Mike Wilson is a pro, so do us a favor and don’t hurt yourself trying a stunt like this.

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