VIDEO: Stunning Albino Deer Seen Near Mount Shasta

We’ve seen some recent sightings of an albino deer along the Trinity River just east of Redding, but the above video shows we have more than one in Northern California.

A video taken by Ben Villegas at the Shasta Valley Wildlife Area in Montague, California shows an albino fawn casually relaxing with its herd. The deer sticks out tremendously in the video, showing exactly why you don’t see very many of them in person.

Albino deer are very rare. Scientists estimate they range from 1-in-20,000 to 1-in-500,000. Their birthing rates might be higher than that, but due to their bright fur and lack of camouflage in the wilderness, they are much more susceptible to predators. Due to their shorter lifespans than their brethren, it’s simply impossible to know the true numbers.

But this is the second sighting we’ve seen recently of an albino deer in NorCal. This albino deer has become a popular resident in Trinity County:

It’s too bad their white coats give them shorter lifespans, because we’d love to see more of them in the area. But for now, we can enjoy the views of the stunning creature.

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