Viral Photo of Firefighters Sleeping on the Grass Near Kincade Fire Shows Their Plight

Firefighters battling the devastating wildfires of Northern California don’t have it easy. Not only do they risk life and limb to keep us safe and protect our homes from the prospect of destruction, they also do it during exhausting conditions.

A photo was snapped of the Petaluma Firefighters Local 1415 sleeping on the lawn of the Robert Young Estate Winery following a 36-hour shift battling the Kincade Fire. The photo went viral, showing the intense conditions these firefighters endure to keep us safe:

Think about fighting a fire for 36 straight hours, only to have to sleep on a piece of grass nearby. These fires take a tremendous amount of manpower to contain and the only way to do that in extreme conditions is to have all hands on deck. That’s why these men don’t get much rest. For us.

When these firefighters awake, they may have to go back into conditions like this:

These men and women put there lives on the line for us, our homes and our families. During their downtime, they even find time to take care of our estates as we can’t during evacuations:

Firefighting isn’t just a job. It’s a commitment to your community to provide protection in time of need. They can never be thanked enough, and their stories should endure for time to come.

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