These Pets were Lost in the Kincade Fire and Need Your Help Finding Their Owners

As we’ve learned over the past three years dealing with massive wildfires in Northern California, it’s quite common for pets to become lost while residents quickly evacuate their homes and flee the flames of devastation. That’s no different during the Kincade Fire, and the Kincade Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification is trying to reunite lost pets with their owners.

The group has been sharing photos of pets of every variety – cats, dogs, goats, horses – in hopes of using online communication to find their owners. The group shares photos of the animals and their description, along with where and when they were found. They also accept messages through their Facebook page for owners to reach out and help find their animals.

Here are a few animals that are still without their owners (all photos via Pet Rescue and Reunification):

McNab or Border Collie Mix found on Dry Creek Road in West Geyserville
Cat found at Deer Creek North, Kensington Lane at Wellington, Windsor, CA
Pug/beagle mix found on montecito blvd by Oliver’s market.
Small tan dog found in the JC neighborhood in Santa Rosa near King street and Pacific Ave
Goat found on Chalk Hill
Kaylie Wooodruff is looking for this male Chestnut and white horse named DJ

For all the photos of lost pets, go here

The best part about the page is that they post updates when the animals are reunited with their owners. Let’s hope that can happen for every lost pet affected by the fires.

The Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification is a volunteer based organization that has helped with many different Northern California fires in recent years. To donate to the group, go here.

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  1. I think the goat’s name is Jean Claude and was posted on SFGate as missing with another brown goat near Chalk Hill Road.. how do you get in contact with owners?

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